"CAG ShippingTM with services as our base, technology as our tool and teamwork as driving force, CAG ShippingTM uses all of its resources - everyday to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers."
CAG ShippingTM


CAG ShippingTM provides excellence in ocean freight shipping services. We ensure efficient handling of your cargo by providing appropriate vessels and handling the related formalities. We streamline the efficiency of our superb carrier relations by controlling volume and specializing on the trade lane we know best. With decades of experience, we facilitate the entire forwarding process according to your specifications.

Both containers and break bulk shipments are carried out under the best quality of service by the direct control of the operations in the sea ports.

Our Overseas Partners

We are represented in USA, Europe and Far East regions with the relationship with our overseas agents. We handle logistics in Third countries for our trading customers based in India through our overseas Partners. We have regular door deliveries from China to UAE and UAE to Europe. We are constantly working towards providing our customers with quality freight forwarding solution in association with our overseas partners.

Container Shipping

When you need to ship the vehicles through sea, there are three additional charges which are as below:

1. Container transport
We have to transport the container to loading yard, this is the container transport charge.

2. Container Waning
This is the lording charges inside the container.

3. THC
This is terminal handling charge, (this is charging by sipping line)

Downloads List of sea ports