"CAG ShippingTM with services as our base, technology as our tool and teamwork as driving force, CAG ShippingTM uses all of its resources - everyday to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers."
CAG ShippingTM

Allow me to welcome you to our website and to take you through what I believe are exciting times for India and the other regions as a whole, as it emerges as the New Clearing & Global Logistics Management Company. While a lot has been done, there is so much more to do in this arena. At CAG ShippingTM we remain committed to Provide door-to-door and personalized service for any type of cargo.

We provide efficient and time bound services combined with operational expertise and technology solutions. We strive to provide our customers with seamless and cost-effective solutions for their Logistics needs. We use the latest technology to bridge the markets of the world.

With its unwavering dedication and resolve, with pride, this team has ensured success for the company at every step of way. The common values, professionalism and concerted efforts of the team members are propelling CAG ShippingTM to greater achievements and newer heights.

Our vision is to make CAG ShippingTM , an institution of excellence through a continuous and rigorous focus on Quality.

We have always believed that leadership in our home market is essential for international success.

Also of great significance is our talented and formidable leadership team, across markets, adding significant experience, depth and bandwidth to our system. Having come a long way and taking cognizance of the changing and evolving logistics scenario, we have unified the fundamental aspects of our organization that propel us forward. These are our Shared Purpose, our Shared Vision, and our shared set of Global Values. All these aspects bring meaning to our existence.

We want to take the CAG ShippingTM work practice and ethic beyond geographies, beyond borders, where we can make a positive impact on the delivery of logistics. Through this website, I would like to invite you to view our company at close quarters and be a part of our journey.